• Pedicab Design

    When it comes to throwing a party, you have to look good. The DJ Pedicab offers a sleek exterior while boasting a reinforced frame designed specifically to support the DJ and their equipment. Speakers are smartly attached at an elevated position for even sound distribution and the booth’s battery is easily accessible under the floorboard. Leveling jacks have been integrated into the frame for increased stability and support.

  • Custom Fabrication

    This mobile DJ booth is the result of years of design discussion and its beauty lies in its simplicity. When pedaling the DJ pedicab, it handles like any other tricycle rickshaw on the street. And when the party starts, the DJ has ample room in the booth to set up and perform with two adjustable turntable stands for the mixer and a laptop. For long sets, a chair for the DJ is included and, for adhering ads or signage, removeable panels are provided.

  • Electrical Engineering

    The DJ Pedicab is a human­powered tricycle like our other pedicabs. However this model requires extra electrical components for the additional hardware. Some features that we have included in our standard model are:
    110 Power with USB charging
    two GRP 27 batteries
    inverter/ charger

  • Audio Setup

    The DJ Pedicab is fully equipped with two exterior mounted marine­grade speakers so that your party never stops! A subwoofer sits below so that sound quality isn’t diminished and and the wiring is …

  • Lighting Design and Installation

    When throwing a party, we know that music isn’t the only thing to consider, so we’ve included ground­effect lighting below the bike and in the roof. The lights are LED which require very low voltage and can be dimmed.